Team Check-In will be held at the following locations and dates:


WHAT TO BRING:  In order to make the registration process as smooth as possible, please have all player passes, medical release forms, and rosters in name order based on the roster.

ROSTERS:  Bring the original and 5 copies (6 in total).  Acceptable rosters are: US Club, FYSA/USYSA State Generated Rosters.  Guest player forms must be attached to each of the state generated rosters and signed by the guest player's Club Registrar.  If guest players are from within the club, then their names should be pre-printed on the state generated event roster.  If they are from outside the club, then please handwrite the guest player's information on the bottom of each state generated roster.  Without a correctly executed guest player form, the guest player may not be able to play.

COACHES & PLAYER PASSES:  All coaches and players must have  valid, laminated passes with the necessary signatures and picture.  Please place these on a ring and have them in name order based on the roster to ensure a smooth check-in process.

GAME DAY FIELD CHECK IN:  Teams are required to check-in at the field for their games.  Coaches or team managers are responsible for giving the referees their passes and a stamped, approved roster at the start of each game.  Please remember that any team arriving 15 or more minutes after their designated kick off will be subject to a forfeit.

Tournament Contact:  
Tournament Director:  305.255.3422